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June 13, 2005


Rick Cecil

I've been thinking about a similar technique for networking. I have yet to try it because it seems like the initial compliment would come across as phony if I follow it up with a request to introduce me to other folks...what are your thoughts? Is there anyway to ensure that the compliments don't come across seeming like just a ploy to get a favor?

Prospecting Professor


You bring up a great point. Insincere or disingenuous compliments are completely transparent...and will be seen as a ploy and should be avoided. However, compliments that are completely sincere will be very well-received. I am suggesting that it is entirely appropriate to suggest to your best clients, "I like working with you, because I like you...and I would like to find more people like you to work with." If this statement is made in good faith, who wouldn't take kindly to it?



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