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February 13, 2006


Gerrard !~ Lim banglacow

i am very inspired by ben feldman

he is truly the epitome of what one can become

he is a olympian of the sales industry

thank you for this insightful writeup

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Ben was my personal idol and inspiration. I was a New York Life agent from 1975 - 2000. During that time I sold $15,000,000 of insurance to one family, using Ben's ideas and techniques. I also sold several $1,000,000 policies.

I met Ben personally several times. He was always a gentleman and encouraging to me.


I am from pakistan state life insurance corporation of pakistan i like very much BEN FELDMAN HE IS MY IDEAL SALES MAN EVER IN THE WORLD I WANT PHOTOS OF FELDMAN


It took me 1 hour to create it, please rate it :)


Thats right! Don't be afraid to speak your mind. This is the 21st century, right?

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In many cases, my most important resolutions come paired with the opposite resolutions, and yet both are important to my happiness.


"You'll have the same problems when I walked out as you had when I walked in...unless you let me take your problems with you." ????

or should that be...

"You'll have the same problems when I walk out as you had when I walked in... unless you let me take your problems with me."

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Life is on its way to further complications, further deepness and mystery, further processes of becoming and change.


Enjoy your weekend and think about all that you're thankful for! :) Write you soon!

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