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March 21, 2006



I just wonder with todays' HIGHLY regulated insurance and securities enviornment; how would Feldman do business today? Cold call and still sell permanent insurance or go the term way -- like his ole friend JOE GANDOLFO? Thanks....


Yes, the climate has changed a lot. As a new recruit, I am asked to use the telephone extensively, preferably with persons I already know or have met. Cold calling is not recommended at all. Professionals have told me that they will not even see a person who has not made an appointment. The small town of Liverpool is now a megalopolis of continuous city laced together by business buildings galore filled with people waiting in chairs to see the owner, practitioner, or "boss'. Today's cold calling is a network of telephone lines like a spider web, waiting for some frustrated insurance agent to make an appointment.

Gerrard !~ Lim banglacow

so professor what is your stance on ben feldman?

would he succeed in this climate with his methods?

Personally I think nothing would stop him. It is not his methods but his unrelenting assault on excellence


salam please chk ur sale man ship


If this man is still alive, he will still be the #1 life insurance agent. No techniques or 'methods' give a man this kind of success for 52 years. It is the person that worked.

Joe G. Garcia

I think Ben Feldman would become so profician on the phone, that the same method of approching prospects would work for him, with just a little tweaking.

Ruben Garcia

Ben was willing to pay the price. Whatever it took. He worked seven days with 12 hour days. Who is willing to do this and forsake comfort, entertainmnet and every other distraction that comes at you?

william veasey

Ben was the best of the best. He was willing to do what others were not willing


Feldman also slipped a $100 dollar bill along with his business card to the receptionist/gatekeeper to get to see their boss.

Keith Andoos

Selling is selling and people are people. You naysayers should stop over-analyzing. When I was with Merrill Lynch Video, we would interview the salespeople at the top-producing office every year. When asked, "How did you do it?" the answers were always the same:
"Icome in early"
"I stay a bit later than the others"
"I take a shorter lunch"
"I make three extra calls a day"

Sales numbers would always go up after that video was released, but would then settle back down again after a few weeks.

Consistency and good ole "Keep on keepin' on."

It ain't rocket science, folks!

Good selling!

Keith Andoos

Bill Watchulonis

Actually I read Ben offered the owner five crisp brand new $100 dollar bills that he showed to the secretary. Telling her to inform the boss if what he had to discuss with the boss wasn't of at least that much value he could keep the money.


Yes, but how much did he or his family really live life to it's fullest, so much for being a husband and a father.... Great story. You must live life in balance.


Ben Feldman had the unique ability to "open" clients to eventually talking to him through what I call "Disturbances" in daily routine.

His ability to create "word spears" which, when thrown at a prospect, receptionist or whoever they were intended, caused them to "JUMP" out of their daily grind and sit up and take notice.

And you know what, all of us are more than capable of creating these word spears, presenting them in a way that causes "Open" ended two-way dialogue and in essence see's the prospect "Close Himself"!

Think about it... and I mean REALLY think about it... You'll Get It!

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Do you have a viable business but lack the necessary finances to get it off it’s feet?

Thomas James

Ben Feldman would have succeeded in today's world as he did in the past. Far too many salespersons spend endless hours on the telephone and neglect the opportunity to go out in the field where the prospects are. There is no replacement for persistence and face to face contact, if you have a definite plan of action.

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he will still be the #1 life insurance agent. No techniques or 'methods' give a man this kind of success for 52 years. It is the person that worked.

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