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May 18, 2006


Niche Traffic Sale

The concept of low hanging fruit is certainly one that has become popular in the marketing world, especially internet marketing

As more and more people get on line either to promote their own products or other people's products [affiliate marketing] the opportunities for finding low hanging fruit to market becomes less and less.

Jeff Paul Internet Millions

well we have agree that these deals as ones where the prospect is ready to make a purchase.

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Pat Shaughnessy

--in this anthology, is the tree the sales cycle/sales funnel? Are the decision-makers branches or leaves? All this talk of fruit is making me hungry!

--Sorry couldn't resist.

I always took the phrase "low-hanging fruit" in a territory to mean well qualified for our type of product or service as in: Ideal customer or target/key account. Good fit = better relevance and fewer issues.
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Zorka Kovacevich

This is a clever perspective on the most important aspect of qualifying your "best" prospects and should be on everyone's checklist as a reminder that you will not sell to all of the low-hanging fruit. Some yes. Some no. And that there's always a reason why a sale wasn't made. Knowing the answer to "why" is powerfully key to the results you get, the time, money and energy you invest -- your ROI and how to improve it.

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